Building Your Dream Bathroom Efficiently

Remodel Your Bathroom Into a Beautiful and Luxurious Space

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, MF Construction & Design Inc. can help you create your dream bathroom. Whether it is creating a new luxurious bathroom or a simple update, any bathroom remodel will be a worthwhile investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, bathroom additions return the most investment—an average of 86%. Replacing vanities and countertops, glass walk-in showers, new flooring, tiling, lighting, and fixtures are just a few examples of upgrades and updates which will transform your bathroom to a luxury space. An updated and remodeled bathroom will not only change the appearance but also add a positive energy and feel of a new and creative environment.


MF Construction and Design Inc. has remodeled hundreds of bathrooms over the past 30 years. New technology and materials are always being integrated into our bathroom designs and renovation projects. The construction team is professional, efficient, and always on-time and within budget.

Our bathroom renovation services include adding custom cabinetry, installing new floors, plumbing and electrical work, replacing bathroom fixtures, installing countertops, and complete remodeling. Our company is committed to high-quality work and has a professional team.